I Am the Spirit of Harriet Tubman 2021

In 2021, the Underground Railroad will emerge again. This time, the pathway will be different. This blog serves as a space for dialogue and resources for Black Americans who are interested in leaving the United States to move abroad or those who are already abroad and are afraid to return the USA due to fear of persecution….but not as an Expat…rather, as an Asylum Seeker – fleeing State Sponsored Terrorism, Genocide, and Police Brutality.

Who am I? I am taking on the name of a hero: Harriet “Moses” Tubman. I prefer the identity of my hero over the use of “Nobody”; as I prefer to keep my identity anonymous.

I am an Expert in Migration and Development Studies and a Cultural Anthropologist. I am a nomad and I have lived in 7 different U.S. states and in Ghana & Nigeria.

There are two sides to “Migration”, it comprises: Emigration studies and Immigration studies. Development studies focus more on nation state formations, government systems, social systems & networks, economies, (issues surrounding anthropology of the state etc). 

I have a vast and thorough knowledge and understanding of international human rights laws and asylum rights. I also have an extensive background in African & African American Studies with emphasis on the U.S. Civil Rights, and the Civil Rights Movement. I am also an expert researcher, having conducted research in the fields of: migration & development, business analyst researcher for company acquisitions, market research, medical research, immigration research, civil unrest, nation state formation, and human trafficking ..aka slavery.

Disclaimer: This blog is an expression of my personal opinions and is in no way a representation of, or affiliated with any employer, government entities or organizations.

In this blog I will utilize my First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech and share information on what Asylum is on an international scale. The reader will learn about:

  • The International Human Rights Laws that the United States is, and has been violating, and provide information on options for seeking asylum in a country outside of the U.S. (are there benefits to this? the answer is “Yes”)
  • International Laws that protect our human rights to live
  • United Nations information on Seeking Asylum
  • Evidence of Trump Administration & State Sponsored Terrorism and Genocide
  • Discussions on Countries of Interests (This blog is organic and will grow information with time as needed.)
  • Provide a chat for dialogue so that we can brainstorm on the country that you are interested in.
  • Explain the difference between begin an Expat and An Asylum Seeker.

Please feel free to share, like and comment on this issue. If you ask about a country I will provide any information I can that is within the public domain. The WORLD is YOURS, so seek and you will find what you need to “LIVE” again. Peace and Blessings to you ALL.. Only pure LOVE is manifest from this blog.

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