What are the expectations? what do I need to say? what should I do?

The country that you present yourself to will want to know a few things:

  1. What is your story and why do you feel as if you and/or your ethnic group are being persecuted?
  2. Who is doing the persecuting?
  3. Do you have actual evidence of being abused by police, the state, healthcare providers (disparities in health) etc? if so, write your story down and be willing to tell it.
  4. Are other people discussing the issue of persecution as well? the voice of others supports your claim. Go to the blog and search for “State Sponsored Terrorism” and you will find loads of data to support your claims.
  5. Voices of political leaders, celebrities, scholars, etc. all support our claims of persecution. You will need the ACLU’s take on the issue and the United Nations take, and response as well. These are global voices, you want as many global, national, and personal voices to support your claim. This topic is highly political as no Black American has ever received asylum from the U.S. due to persecution.

Stay strong, we WILL make the WORLD recognize our PLIGHT..

Your goal is to prove that you are being persecuted against by a strong power such as a government entity, or a gang, etc. for more info click on the: State Sponsored Terrorism section

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