I am the spirit of our Moses, Harriet Tubman in the year 2020 and beyond

Moses provides a way – the energy of the redeemer. Harriet guided us from persecution and into freedom when she was alive. Their spirits live within us. We are free humans that demand full respect and full rights to life.

It appears that the USA does not deserve us. We build Black Bottoms, Rosewoods, Tusla, Oklahomas and we are constantly attacked and our communities destroyed. Babylon produces no fruits for us it appears, yet there is a whole world of opportunities for us globally.

Some of us are passport ready, and filled with stamps, others aren’t so fortunate. This site explores all options, for those with the monetary means to relocate to a safe space on the globe and to be protected with full human rights; and for those who own nothing, and are ready to leave this reality behind and live a full life. Lets explore together.

Peace and love as always. Love wins.

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